Global Dialogue participants / contributors

Multilateral Organisations

The Global Dialogue on Trade mobilises a range of multilateral organisations and agencies from around the world to actively engage in global consultations.


As experienced users of the multilateral trading system businesses worldwide have a vested interest in shaping the future of trade.

Think Tanks/Academia

The Global Dialogue on Trade brings the unique expertise of think tanks and academic institutions to the debate.


Forthcoming interactions between Global Dialogue and intergovernmental processes.

Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum is a forum for discussion and debate with special emphasis on civil society initiatives and for sharing experiences and innovative solutions involving all the stakeholders in governance.

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A WTO fit for the 21st century: What needs to change?

To help the global debate move forward on these crucial issues, the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance, together with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in close cooperation with the European Commission, is organizing a public seminar to debate the issue of trade multilateralism and the modernization of the WTO.

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