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Time to modernise, not abandon, the WTO

As the old adage goes, any publicity is good publicity. But with the headlines of late, the World Trade Organization (WTO) may have had enough.

East Asia Forum

John Denton: “China does not know what the US wants”

Despite the truce in the US-China trade war, and although Donald Trump claims that an agreement is near, there is a global protectionist trend, says John Denton, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce.


Making trade a force for good

UN Environment and partners gathered in Cambridge to kick-start a new project aiming to make trade a positive force for both nature conversation and marginalised people.

UN Environment Programme

Europe ponders new tools against unfair trade

Competition and state aid laws are an obvious resort for policymakers seeking swift and efficient remedies. They have a long history and an established body of law and precedent.

Financial Times

How trade wars pose a threat to the global economy

In a world of global value chains, the wrangling of the trade giants is likely to have a domino effect beyond the countries and sectors targeted. Tariff increases penalize not only the assembler of a product, but also its suppliers along the chain.


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